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The Past Week in the Markets

18 Mar

Stocks ended the week with substantial gains, with the Nasdaq index having the largest gains.   Economic data was mixed, but continued optimism over a trade deal with China and stimulus in China, Europe and Japan helped drive the markets.  Also, the gains on Friday were influenced by quarterly options and futures expiration and the rebalancing […]

The Past Week in the Markets

18 Aug

It was a volatile week with a large dip on Wednesday followed by a sharp rally on Thursday and further gains on Friday, leaving market indices mixed.  Value stocks outperformed growth stocks while developed foreign stocks and emerging markets indices were lower.  Fears of an economic meltdown in Turkey and concerns over upcoming tariffs on […]

The Past Week in the Markets

23 Jul

U.S. Stocks finished the week little changed while foreign stocks had modest gains.  Retail sales and industrial production posted strong gains as did corporate earnings and jobless claims fell to the lowest since December 1969.  However, volatile housing starts plunged in June.  The markets seemed to be weighed down by the prospect of more tariffs […]

The Past Week in the Markets

16 Jul

U.S. stocks had substantial gains this week while foreign stocks generally had slight losses, despite threats of tariffs on another $200BN of Chinese imports.  The 10-year treasury yield was nearly unchanged while the U.S. dollar gained against a basket of currencies. Commodities including oil, gains and gold were lower for the week.  Crude oil prices […]

The Past Week in the Markets

09 Jul

U.S. and foreign stocks had substantial gains this week with U.S. small company stocks having the largest gains.  Stocks rallied sharply on Friday after the stellar jobs report and despite fears of the trade war between the U.S. and China.  Not only did we see a good gain in jobs creation we saw a large […]

The Past Week in the Markets

02 Jul

U.S. and foreign stocks ended the week lower as uncertainty on trade blunted rally attempts.  Crude oil prices rose sharply higher due to a drop in U.S. inventories, disruptions in Libya and U.S. threats to prevent Iran from exporting oil by November 4th.  Most other commodities were little changed.  The 10-year Treasury yield fell, further […]

Life after the Pension Freezes

26 Jun

Many companies have terminated their pension plans.  Kellogg is one of the latest, which has scheduled to freeze benefits at the end of 2018.  While the match may be increasing, the loss of additional pension accrual will not be made up by increased match.  Therefore, to adequately fund retirement, it is even more important to […]

The Past Week in the Markets

25 Jun

U.S. stocks had modest losses this week with the Dow 30 industrials posting significant losses as concerns over trade affected the markets.   The 35 largest banks all passed the FED’s stress test, indicating they are healthy enough to withstand an extreme recession.  The Supreme court ruled that states can force online retailers to collect state […]

The Past Week in the Markets

18 Jun

U.S. stocks were mixed for the week with the Nasdaq posting significant gains and the Dow 30 posting significant losses.   The S&P 500 was nearly unchanged and foreign stock indexes ended the week with significant losses. President Trump met with North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Un, where they issued a vague agreement aiming towards peace […]

The Past Week in the Markets

11 Jun

U.S. stocks had significant gains while foreign stocks declined.  Fears of a trade war subsided somewhat as China offered to buy an additional $70BN in U.S. goods in a bid to prevent additional tariffs from going into effect.  Oil prices fell this week while copper rose.  The dollar rose and treasury yields edged higher. In […]