Weekly Market Update – Southwest Michigan

12 Nov

U.S. and foreign stocks declined modestly this past week while the Russell 2000 index had the largest decline.   The Russell 2000 index had the largest decline.  The declines were attributed mainly due to uncertainty over the pending tax legislation.  At this point the House and Senate versions have significant differences.  I won’t go into the […]

Weekly Market Update – Southwest Michigan

06 Nov

It was a busy week for economic related data.  U.S. and stocks had modest gains this week that were largely driven each day by earnings releases.  Foreign stocks performed slightly better with Europe seeing substantial gains.  Treasury yields were mixed and the dollar was largely unchanged. The House released their corporate and individual tax plans […]

Weekly Market Update – Southwest Michigan

30 Oct

Markets were driven largely by earnings news each day this week.  U.S. Stocks had slight gains with the Nasdaq Index leaping on Friday based on earnings news.  Gross Domestic Product for the third quarter came out on Friday showing good growth.  The European Central Bank announced that it would extend bond purchases for the first […]

Weekly Market Update – Southwest Michigan

25 Oct

While the Dow 30 industrials had substantial gains last week, the broader S&P 500 saw much more modest gains and the Nasdaq was largely unchanged.  Foreign stocks were generally lower.  Treasury yields rose.  The dollar finished slightly higher against most currencies and commodities were generally lower. The IRS announced it is increasing the limit for […]

Weekly Market Update – Southwest Michigan

16 Oct

This past week, the Nobel Prize in Economics was awarded to professor Richard Thaler.  Thaler basically showed that we as human beings behave very irrationally when it comes to finances.  We are basically a nation of procrastinators rather than a nation of portfolio managers.  He predicted that given a choice to start contributing to a […]

Weekly Market Update – Southwest Michigan

09 Oct

US Stocks  had substantial gains this week and foreign stocks were up modestly.  Treasury yields and the dollar rose while commodities were generally lower. In the numbers, this week: The Institute for Supply Management’s Manufacturing PMI index rose to 60.8 in September up from 58.8 in August, its highest reading since May 2004.  Anything over […]

Weekly Market Update – Southwest Michigan

02 Oct

Large company U.S. and foreign stocks had small gains this week while small company stocks had significant gains and emerging markets stocks had small losses.  Treasury yields rose modestly higher as the Fed’s upcoming unwinding of their balance sheet starts in October.  Crude oil prices rose and gold fell. In the numbers, this week: The […]

Weekly Market Update – Southwest Michigan

25 Sep

In the U.S., large company stocks were little changed for the week but small company stocks had modest gains.  Foreign stocks were generally lower.  The Federal Reserve met this week and while leaving short term interest rates unchanged, they announced they would start trimming their balance sheet in October.  So, instead of reinvesting all the […]

Weekly Market Commentary – Southwest Battle Creek

11 Sep

As the Houston area recovers from hurricane Harvey, hurricane Irma takes aim at Florida.  Disruptions in refining and the main gasoline pipeline that supply’s the east coast affected gasoline prices for much of the U.S.  Crude oil inventories saw a huge draw down due to supply disruptions.  The European Central Bank president, Mario Draghi, indicated […]

Weekly Market Update – Southwest Michigan

05 Sep

US Stocks had modest gains last week with the Nasdaq index providing the best performance.  The broad-based S&P 500 has been in a narrow range since mid-June.  Foreign stocks generally had smaller gains. Hurricane Harvey pounded the Houston area with the highest rainfall numbers ever recorded in U.S. history.  While our thoughts and prayers go […]