Weekly Market Update

15 Jan

U.S. and foreign stocks rose substantially this past week.  Q4 earnings started to come out this past week and with only 5% of S&P 500 companies reporting Q4 earnings were up 10.2%.  U.S. Treasury bond yields as well as global government bond yields rose sharply.  Some sources in China hinted they may slow or halt […]

Weekly Market Commentary

07 Jan

The first week of 2018 started with a substantial rally in U.S. and foreign stocks.  Both short and long treasury yields rose and the dollar fell.  Oil prices continued to rise due to decreases in inventories.  Light vehicle sales were down slightly in 2017 from 2016’s record.  We believe auto demand will likely be less […]

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

23 Dec

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act legislation has been passed by Congress and awaits the president’s signature. The Act makes extensive changes that affect both individuals and businesses. Some key provisions of the Act are discussed below. Most provisions are effective for 2018. Many individual tax provisions sunset and revert to pre-existing law after 2025; […]

Weekly Market Update – Southwest Michigan

18 Dec

Stocks ended the week with gains.  Large company U.S. stocks outperformed both international and small company stocks.  The rise was apparently fueled by progress on the compromise tax bill bringing Republican holdouts onboard.  The belief is that this will pass both the House and Senate next week.  As we understand it the bill will: Lower […]

Weekly Market Update – Southwest Michigan

09 Dec

Despite a rally at the end of the week, stocks ended the with small losses.  Small company stocks had more significant losses.  The differences between the House and Senate tax bills are being hammered out by a conference committee.  Congress passed a two week budget resolution, averting a shutdown pending work on a longer term […]

Weekly Market Update – Southwest Michigan

04 Dec

U.S. Stocks posted substantial gains this week as market participants focused on the progress of tax legislation through Congress as the House and Senate have both now passed tax bills.  Now, a conference committee will try  to iron out differences between the two bills before a final vote.  We have scanned the actual 479 page […]

Weekly Market Update – Southwest Michigan

27 Nov

Large company stocks had modest gains in this holiday shortened week.  Small company stocks and international stocks had significant gains.  The 10-year treasury note was nearly unchanged.  The U.S. Dollar was weaker and crude oil prices hit a two year high.  This coming week will be the OPEC meeting which may or may not extend […]

Weekly Market Update – Southwest Michigan

19 Nov

The Dow and the S&P 500 indexes were little changed in a volatile week.  The Nasdaq had modest gains while small company and foreign stocks fared much better.  Apart from earnings announcements, traders largely moved based on prospects for tax reform.  A significant selloff on Wednesday, after one Senate Republican said he would not vote […]

Weekly Market Update – Southwest Michigan

12 Nov

U.S. and foreign stocks declined modestly this past week while the Russell 2000 index had the largest decline.   The Russell 2000 index had the largest decline.  The declines were attributed mainly due to uncertainty over the pending tax legislation.  At this point the House and Senate versions have significant differences.  I won’t go into the […]