The Past Week in the Markets

12 Nov

U.S. stocks ended the volatile week significantly higher but foreign stocks were generally down.  There was a strong post-election rally on Wednesday but markets gave back some of the gains on Thursday and Friday.  On Thursday as expected, the Federal Reserve left interest rates unchanged but left the door open to a December rate increase […]

The Past Week in the Markets

05 Nov

October was the worst month since 2011 as trade fears weighed on the markets.  At its worst, the S&P 500 index was down nearly 10% from its September 20th high to its October 29th low but the month ended on a strong note that extended into November as optimism rose that negotiations with China could […]

The Past Week in the Markets

29 Oct

October maintained its reputation as a volatile month.  Stocks ended the week significantly lower despite strong gross domestic product growth and headline earnings.  Warnings about future earnings from industrial and technology companies were attributed to some of the selloff.  The Treasury Department reported that overseas purchases of Treasury securities has declined with foreigners buying only […]

The Past Week in the Markets

22 Oct

October retained its reputation as a volatile month.  Stocks ended the volatile week with little change.  The early week rally faded after the FED released its September minutes on Wednesday indicating that gradual interest rate increases are likely to continue.  Economic data were mixed for the week.  The 10 year Treasury yield moved back up […]

The Past Week in the Markets

15 Oct

It was a wild ride this week as U.S. and foreign stocks sold off sharply on Wednesday and Thursday with a rebound on Friday.  The Dow 30 Industrials fell about 5.5% over two days rebounding about 1.15% on Friday.  Technology stocks were especially hard hit but had been some of the biggest gainers this year.  […]

The Past Week in the Markets

08 Oct

Stocks sold off as interest rates soared to highest since 2011.  The 10-year treasury rose 0.15% to 3.227%, the highest since 2011.  There were multiple factors attributable to the rate increase. The FED started decreasing the size of its balance sheet a year ago by $10BN a month and increasing it $10BN a month each […]

The Past Week in the Markets

01 Oct

Most stock indexes were lower for the week with developed international stocks fairing the worst.  The Nasdaq index ended with a modest gain.  As expected, the FED raised its short term interest rate to between 2% and 2.25%.  The language of the FED’s announcement no longer states that the FED is accommodative and indicated that […]

The Past Week in the Markets

21 Sep

The broad based S&P 500 gained, while emerging markets, the Dow 30 industrials and developed international stocks had the biggest gains.  The Nasdaq 100 and the Russell 2000 (small cap index) ended the week with modest losses.  The Trump administration announced that an additional $200BN worth of Chinese goods would be subject to 10% tariffs […]

The Past Week in the Markets 9/14/2018

19 Sep

The markets moved higher this week as hopes increased that a trade war can be averted.  US stocks had modest gains while foreign stocks including emerging markets saw larger gains.  The US and the European Union moved closer to a trade agreement that will lower existing trade barriers.  Talks continued between the U.S. and Canada.  […]

The Past Week in the Markets

27 Aug

Stocks gained this past week with the embittered emerging markets posting the largest gains.  This week marked the longest bull market (stretch of market gains without a 20% decline) in U.S. history, surpassing the 1990s.  However, I think it is important to point out that expansions do not have an expiration date.  Typically, one or […]