The Past Week in the Markets

15 Jul

Large cap U.S. stocks saw substantial gains mainly in reaction to FED chair Powell’s dovish stance on cutting interest rates during testimony to congress.  Powell indicated that inflation is still below the FED’s target and the outlook hasn’t improved with a global slowdown.  Small cap stocks and international stocks saw much more modest gains. In […]

The Past Week in the Markets

08 Jul

Stocks ended the week with US stocks modestly higher and foreign stocks lower.  The US-China trade war hit a cease fire as both sides agreed not to increase tariffs further and to restart negotiations.  President Trump also agreed to lift the ban on U.S. companies selling to Huawei.  Stocks declined on Friday following a better […]

The Past Week in the Markets

01 Jul

Stocks ended the week mixed as traders wait to see if the G20 summit will bring some resolution to the U.S.-China trade war.  May inflation numbers came in near the FEDs target raising questions about if or how soon the FED will cut interest rates.  Crude oil prices ended up to $58.03 as us inventories […]

The Past Week in the Markets

24 Jun

Stocks staged a strong rally this week as both the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank indicated likely interest rate cuts at future meetings.  The rally occurred despite increased tensions between the U.S. and Iran, following the downing of an unmanned U.S. drone.  Traders were relieved this didn’t result in a military strike which […]

The Past Week in the Markets

17 Jun

Stocks had modest losses as generally good economic news was overshadowed by increased geopolitical tensions.  Middle east concerns flared as two more tankers were attacked in the strait of Hormuz.  Trade concerns also weighed on the markets as it is  uncertain if there will be a meeting between president’s Trump and Xi at the G20 […]

The Past Week in the Markets, The FED Backstop

10 Jun

The FED backstop came into play this week following Fed Chairman Powell’s comments Wednesday that the FED is prepared to lower interest rates if the economy slows more than expected.  The markets saw substantial gains this week in most indices with emerging markets up only slightly.  Anticipation of FED rate cuts were supported on Friday […]

The Past Week in the Markets

03 Jun

Trade again took center stage in the markets with US Stocks seeing substantial losses following the announcement of tariffs on Mexico unless they stop the flow of immigrants flooding the border from Central America.  The developed foreign markets stock index saw smaller losses and the emerging markets index gained for the week.  This happened despite […]

The Past Week in the Markets

28 May

It was a volatile week as shifting news on trade affected trader’s sentiment.  Despite a rally on Friday, most indexes were modestly lower with only the developed foreign index ending with slight gains.  Crude oil fell sharply as U.S. inventories rose again this week.  The 10-year Treasury yield fell to 2.326% and the dollar fell […]

The Past Week in the Markets

20 May

The markets ended the week mixed with large company indexes higher and small company and emerging markets lower.  The markets were swayed by the ebb and flow of news on trade.  On Friday it was announced the tariffs on Mexican and Canadian aluminum and steel were being removed and automobile tariffs affecting Europe and Japan […]

The Past Week in the Markets

12 May

Despite a rally on Friday, stocks ended the week lower.  Emerging markets stocks had substantial declines.  Trade concerns weighed on the markets as tariffs were ramped up due to difficulties with the US-China trade negotiations.  Economic data this week was generally positive. In the numbers this week: The Commerce Department reported the trade deficit rose […]