Workplace Retirement Plan Management Services

Workplace Retirement Plan Management Services

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Many people have a substantial portion of their net worth locked in their company’s retirement plan. This may be called a 401(K), 403(b), Profit Sharing, Thrift, 401(a) or other type of plan. This money is often neglected and in many cases it is hard to build a proper investment mix with the fixed number of choices in the plan. Generations Financial Planning and Wealth Management has a solution for taking your 401(k) from being neglected to getting the professional attention it deserves.

How We Help Manage Your Workplace Retirement Plan

Many people who are busy with their work and family lives desire to hire a manager to manage their workplace retirement plan and make changes as needed to the investment mix. Depending on the plan we can either use best of breed third party managers or we can manage them directly for you. Another option is for us to provide you with a weekly email recommending changes or no changes depending on market conditions. We utilize tactical management within the restrictions of the plan and investments with the objective of capturing growth during rising markets and protecting capital during declining markets. Our goal is to help reduce the really big losses that happen every few years in the stock market.
Let’s face it. We are often our worst enemy when it comes to successful investment outcomes. Someone once said that the stock market is fear and greed loosely based on economic cycles. We know to buy low and sell high, but it very hard to do that. It is also very hard to make predictions, especially during outlier years. How many analysts predicted the huge losses of 2008? Additionally, when the fears of the Fiscal Cliff where blowing in late 2012, how many people were pounding the table telling you to buy stocks because they predicted a 25+% up move in stocks for 2013. Our models are not perfect, but because they are disciplined and based on what the markets are actually doing instead of predictions, we think it will benefit you over the longer term.
Hiring us allows you to focus on your job and what matters to you while having the security of knowing that you have an unemotional, rules-based, investment strategy in place to professionally manage your workplace retirement account. Click on the Contact Us tab if you would like to learn more about the service.

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